Jocquel Rock Face Block

"Original" Classic Rock Face Block
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Jocquel has proudly served the Fort Wayne and surrounding Indiana area since the late 1800's. Our company started as a full building construction supply yard.  Supplying large to small construction sites.  Changing to a smaller operation servicing the Do It Yourself-er before it was popular. Then started repairing and building chimneys (small, large, metal, block and brick) and doing all kinds of masonry work, and that brings us to today, making and selling rock face block. This company has evolved through five generations , three of those with our family.

We are a family operated company that still takes pride in making high quality products and assisting in any way we can.  We make ourselves available 24/7.

Our blocks have been approved by National Historical Societies for restoring historical buildings, adding additions, and used to build new buildings.

We hand stamp our block using the original plates from our 1941 block machine.  Our block has been created and used since 1980.  We discovered a need for replacements when our own jobs required a good rock face block replacement.

 We have created a poured veneer from our original plates that is a facing to cut the cost of shipping, and make repairs easier! By using our plate to make the mold, the veneer holds it's historical value.

Our block has been sold on the internet since 2006!

Jocquel Supply, LLC
520 Southview Avenue, Fort Wayne,IN 46806
520 Southview Avenue
Fort Wayne, IN  46806
Certified for Historic Restoration
Border Block  2x8x16                              
 Non-border block                 8x8x16                              
We also carry 8x8x8, 4x8x16, 4x8x8, 2x8x16 and 2x8x8
rock face blocks!  Column block 16x16x8 & 12x12x8 and a half column block.
We have Full block &
Half Block 1-sided & 2-sided also!
1.5x8x16 Veneer
Michael Clancy had this to say about our product:
"The patches turned out perfect! Thanks for your help."
Mike Clancy...

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A happy OHIO customer
Jocquel Supply, LLC
Jocquel Supply, LLC
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Jocquel Supply
Jocquel Supply
Our 8x8x16 Rock Face (non-border) & Panel Block
8x8x16 Panel Block.  We have these plates too!
Jocquel Supply
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